Angioline Sponsored 7th Transradial Endovascular Course TREC 2020

The TREC 2020 conference was held in Kazan from January 23 to 25. The Medical Forum has established itself as one of the leading symposium in Russia in the field of interventional cardioangiology. Every year, the event is being attended by both domestic and foreign experts. Angioline company became the sponsor of this event, and also presented its corporate booth, where official representatives answered all the questions of the conference visitors. Support for scientific discussions in various formats is one of the most important tasks of Angioline. A joint discussion of acute issues of cardiovascular disease is the key to solving pressing health problems. The TREC 2020 conference is dedicated to treatment tactics and strategy, new tools and technologies of interventional medicine. By tradition, debates, round tables and discussion club were organized as part of the course. Lectures alternated with demonstrations of operations and new possibilities in the study of computed tomography and blood flow.

Подписавшись на рассылку новостей мы гарантируем, что будем отправлять не более одного - два письма в месяц. Основными темами рассылок будут достижения компании в области разработки оборудования и аксессуаров для ангиопластики.