"ANGIOLINE" organized a training course on treatment of difficult defeats of coronary arteries

The Angioline company together with the National medical research center of a name of the academician E.N. Meshalkin organized a training course for the doctors specializing in the field of intervention cardiology. Questions of treatment of difficult defeats of coronary arteries became a subject of this educational action which took place in Novosibirsk on April 18-19, and lecturers were doctors of Federal State Budgetary Institution NMITs im. ak. E. N. Meshalkina of the Russian Ministry of Health. The doctors working in medical institutions of Novosibirsk and the Novosibirsk region became listeners of a course. Within the training program recommendations about treatment of patients with the chronic occlusions of coronary arteries (COCA) were studied, the systematic overview modern the technician of a subintimalny rekanalization of COCA was given and results of use the subintimalnykh of techniques are provided and also the role of an intravascular sound research at COCA was discussed. Participants of a course got acquainted with modern tools which are applied at treatment of irregular shapes of defeats of coronary arteries and also with the advanced techniques and techniques which are used in daily practice at difficult defeats of coronary arteries. Defeats of a trunk of the left coronary artery (LCA) both modern European and American recommendations about the strategy of treatment of the patients suffering from this disease became one more subject for consideration. All lectures were followed by broadcastings from the operating room for descriptive reasons and material fixing. Let's remind that this the second of four planned educational actions which will be organized this year by Angioline. The purpose of training courses which are conducted by the company consists in professional development of intervention cardiologists and their training in skills of work with the latest equipment for endovascular surgery. Courses are taught by the invited specialists from the leading medical centers of Russia. The company will organize training courses independently in cooperation with the leading clinics which are leaders in the corresponding directions of intervention cardiology. Further training courses will pass in September in Novosibirsk and in October in Moscow.

Подписавшись на рассылку новостей мы гарантируем, что будем отправлять не более одного - два письма в месяц. Основными темами рассылок будут достижения компании в области разработки оборудования и аксессуаров для ангиопластики.


Изготовление полимерных трубок медицинского назначения по индивидуальному заказу

Компания Ангиолайн принимает заказы на изготовление прецизионных полимерных трубок для производства медицинских изделий. Наши преимущества: опыт производства высокотехнологичных медицинских изделий более 15 лет, высококвалифицированные инженеры, современные экструзионные линии.

  • Трубки производятся методом экструзии из термопластичных полимерных материалов.
  • В наличии широкий выбор полимерных материалов различных цветов:
    • полиамиды,
    • полиолефины,
    • поливинилхлорид,
    • полиэфирблокамид (PEBA),
    • полиуретаны,
    • фторполимеры.
  • Диапазоны диаметров трубок: от 0,5 до 7 мм с точностью до 0,02 мм.
  • Толщина стенок трубок: до 0,1 мм с точностью до 0,02 мм.
  • Возможно изготовление из полимерных материалов с рентгенконтрастными наполнителями.
  • Возможна нарезка трубок или намотка на катушку.

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