Within the framework of the third russian transradial course several live cases were carried out using the calipso stent

a9529f769dbf5bad936da31e203b2381.jpg The third Russian Transradial Course took place on January 22-23, 2016 in Moscow, at the Center of Endosurgery and Lithotripsy (CELT). The event is one of the biggest annual discussion forums in Russia in the field of endovascular surgery. Leading specialists in endovascular surgery from Russia, CIS and far abroad took part in the Course. The world-renowned experts in X-ray endovascular diagnostics and treatment held lectures and ran a number of workshops for all invited medical practitioners.
During the live broadcasting from the CELT operating rooms, the ANGIOLINE’s Calipso stent was used in some anatomically problematic cases complicated with calcification. Particular attention should be given to the first patient diagnosed with subclavian artery chronic occlusion (more than 5 years’ prescription). In this case, the length of the affected area was extremely vast – more than 15 cm. The surgery required implanting five stents at once. The operation was performed by Doctor of Medicine, Professor at the Department of Hospital Surgery of the RUDN University, Head of the Cardiovascular Surgery Department of the CELT Multi-Field Clinic Avtandil Babunashvili, one of the most experienced specialists in Russia. “I have to admit that I take pride in our domestic products”, he said. “The stent behaved adequately in very problematic situations. I think, that one more exam has been passed – on the device deliverability and success. Though, the radio-opacity should be improved. There is only one thing left – the long-term results”.

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