Angioline company became general sponsor of public health 2020 forum of russia’s regions

ANGIOLINE Company became the general sponsor of the Public Health 2020 Forum of Russia’s Regions which took place on April 11-12, 2017 in Moscow. The Forum was dedicated to the issues of developing domestic public health in the regions of the Russian Federation in a long-term outlook. Special attention of its participants was given to development of domestic biotechnologies.
The company was represented by Natalya Lebedeva, Board Director and Oleg Volkov, Medical Director. In particular, during the Session on New Generation Medicine: Financing and Adoption of High Technologies, Oleg Volkov made a report on Innovative Breakthrough Development in Cardiovascular Surgery. Besides, ANGIOLINE Company was presented in the framework of the exhibition on Medicine of the Future: Innovations, Projects, Solutions.
Head of the Federal Service for Surveillance in Healthcare, Mikhail Murashko, during his report at the Plenary Session on the State Priorities for Developing Domestic Public Health, gave positive evaluation to ANGIOLINE’s contribution on reducing mortality in Russia caused by cardiovascular diseases and gave the company credits for decreasing stent prices in the Russian market.

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