Angioline company turned out to be the only russian manufacturer of equipment and expendables to participate at the international congress of cardiovascular surgeons in the usa

San-Francisco (USA), 13.10.2015. The ANGIOLINE Company turned out to be the first and the only Russian manufacturer of the equipment and expendables for coronary stent placement surgery and angioplasty at the moment to participate in the biggest international TCT (transluminal cardiovascular therapy) event taking place in San-Francisco, the USA. Within the framework of the Congress, the Company will present its recent bioresorbable Sirolimus-eluting CALIPSO stents. 


Besides, within the framework of the Congress, there will be a meeting between the researchers with a discussion on the first clinical results of the PATRIOT comparative study aimed at revealing the qualitative characteristics of the Russian CALIPSO stent as opposed to its foreign Xience Prime analogue launched this spring. The study is coordinated by the Meshalkin Research Institute of Blood Pathology.


“For us, participation in the biggest and the most prestigious event for the specialists in the field of endovascular surgery is a kind of opportunity to enter the international market. In particular, we are interested in the markets of Asia,” said Andrey Kudryashov, the President of ANGIOLINE, “First of all, it is a chance to provide the leading specialists from all over the world with the first-hand data on peculiarities of our stent performance characteristics. The mere fact that Russian products are displayed at the specialized exhibition in the USA alongside with the products of the recognized leaders of the industry, is sort of a breakthrough not only for our company but also for the whole Russian manufacture of high-tech medical equipment. Our school of doctors in the area of endovascular surgery is already one of the best in the world, now it is the turn of manufacturers of the equipment”.


About ANGIOLINE Company

ANGIOLINE Company is one of the key Russian developers and manufacturers of medical devices, namely: coronary stents and catheters for rendering medical aid to the patients with ischemic heart disease. The range of products contains over 15 items of medical devices. Currently, the company’s devices are used in more than 60 medical and preventive treatment institutions from 37 regions of the Russian Federation. For the period from 2010 to 2015, more than 35 thousand stent placement surgeries were performed using ANGIOLINE products. As of the end of 2014, ANGIOLINE’s share of the stent market in Russia is about 10%. Meanwhile, the production capacities allow at least five-fold increase in the coronary stent output. The company’s manufacturing facilities are located in Novosibirsk, in the industrial park of Akademgorodok. Further information about the Company is available at the following Internet address:


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