Angioline company held its own symposium during participation in international cardio-congress in vietnam

11/10/2015, Ninh Binh.  ANGIOLINE Company held its own Symposium during participation in the International Medical Cardio-Congress which took place on November 6-8 in the Vietnamese city of Nanh Binh. The event gathered more than 1000 participants from all over the world, 98 specialists presented their reports. During the Symposium held on November 7, Aleksey Frantsuzov, Managing Partner of ANGIOLINE, responsible for the external markets, presented the results of the comparative studies on the Russian bioresorbable drug-coated CALIPSO coronary stent and its foreign analogues. As it is evidenced from the clinical case comparative analysis, no difference in behavior between the CALIPSO stent and its foreign analogues was revealed so far.

ANGIOLINE Company became the only Russian company that took part at the Cardio-Congress. Presentation of the preliminary results of the All-Russian PATRIOT study attracted great interest among the representatives of both the Vietnamese medical institutions, and the central and regional officials of health protection.

 “We came to the Conference on invitation of Dr. Do Doan Loi, Director of the Institute of Cardiology and Director of the Bach Mai Hospital in Hanoi,” said Aleksey Frantsuzov, “Currently, the markets of the South-East Asia and Middle East are the priority of ours in terms of business expansion, therefore, for us it was very important to make a good impression and attract interest of Vietnamese medical community. Of course, we compelled attention of many Vietnamese cardiology centers. The cost of equipment and expendables for percutaneous interventions is the key obstacle for increasing number of surgeries of this kind in the developing countries, so it is quite clear that managers of the Vietnamese clinics are looking for cheaper analogues.”

About ANGIOLINE Company

ANGIOLINE Company is one of the key Russian developers and manufacturers of medical devices, namely: coronary stents and catheters for rendering medical aid to the patients with ischemic heart disease. The range of products contains over 15 items of medical devices. Currently, the company’s devices are used in more than 60 medical and preventive treatment institutions from 37 regions of the Russian Federation. For the period from 2010 to 2015, more than 35 thousand stent placement surgeries were performed using ANGIOLINE products. As of the end of 2014, ANGIOLINE’s share of the stent market in Russia is about 10%. Meanwhile, the production capacities allow at least five-fold increase in the coronary stent output. The company’s manufacturing facilities are located in Novosibirsk, in the industrial park of Akademgorodok. Further information about the Company is available at the following Internet address:


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