Angioline became the sponsor of the congress of cardiovascular surgeons and specialists in x-ray endovascular diagnostics and treatment at the northwestern federal district

ANGIOLINE Company became the sponsor of the Congress of Cardiovascular Surgeons and Specialists in X-Ray Endovascular Diagnostics and Treatment at the Northwestern Federal District on Interdisciplinary Approach to the Treatment of Cardiovascular Diseases (Cardiac Team at Work) held on September 14-15, 2017 in Arkhangelsk. The Conference became the first event of this kind in the region and was aimed at improving the level of specialists’ training not only in the cardiovascular surgery or X-ray endovascular diagnostics and treatment but also in other allied trades.
In the framework of Day 2, the Congress participants discussed some important aspects of applying Russia’s stents manufactured by ANGIOLINE. Thus, Research Officer of the Academician E.N. Meshalkin’s National Medical Research Institute of Blood Pathology, A. Prokhorikhin made a report on the Long-Term Outcomes of Actual Clinical Application of the Domestic Coronary Stents Based on the Data of the e-Calipso 2 Register, while Dr. M. Chernyaev reported on the Comparative Results of Applying Coronary Stents Produced Domestically and Abroad in Acute Coronary Syndrome. In addition to traditional reports and discussions, the research program of the Conference also included the Nursing Course for the paramedical personnel and stimulator-based training.
The Congress was arranged by the Russian Association of Cardiovascular Surgeons, Russian Scientific Society of Interventional Cardioangiologists, Ministry of Public Health of Arkhangelsk Oblast, Scientific Society of the Specialists in the X-Ray Endovascular Diagnostics and Treatment of the Northwestern District, E.E. Volosevich’s First Municipal Clinical Hospital (Arkhangelsk Oblast), and Interventional Radiologists of the Northwestern District, Autonomous Nonprofit Organization.

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