Angioline took part in the conference on fundamental research and innovations for endovascular surgery 2017

ANGIOLINE Company took part in the one-day Conference on Fundamental Research and Innovations for Endovascular Surgery 2017, arranged by the N.I. Pirogov’s National Medical and Surgical Center with assistance of SKOLKOVO Foundation. The event took place on July 20, 2017 in Moscow and became the first trade Conference completely dedicated to the fundamental research and innovations in the field of endovascular surgery. The Conference participants presented their innovative projects on development of new medical equipment which are now in progress. Special attention was paid to the high-tech startups and their role in development of the domestic medical industry and endovascular surgery as a whole.

A representative of ANGIOLINE Research Group Mrs. Aleksandra Chiryatyeva made a report on Man-Made Materials for the Cardiac Valvular Apparatus Development as Compared to Their Biological Analogues. Mrs. Chiryatyeva’s report was on analysis of the new polymer (xenopericard) possible use in the manufacture of modern biological prostheses. In her report she focused on xenopericard properties, as well as on the results of the preclinical studies on the devices made of this material. Such studies were carried out in an effort to establish possible use of special polymers in biological prostheses, in particular in TAVI biological prostheses, demand for which is decreasing world-wide.

Подписавшись на рассылку новостей мы гарантируем, что будем отправлять не более одного - два письма в месяц. Основными темами рассылок будут достижения компании в области разработки оборудования и аксессуаров для ангиопластики.