The agency for strategic initiatives will support the project on production development of high-tech medical devices: coronary stents and catheters

8 projects were discussed and approved for support at the meeting of the Business Projects Working Group of the Council of Experts of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives (ASI) on October 13, 2015. One of the projects that were approved there is the project on Production Development of High-Tech Medical Devices: Coronary Stents and Catheters.

The project is implemented in Novosibirsk and is aimed at development of domestic high-tech production of coronary stents and catheters that are used during the surgical treatment of patients with the acute coronary syndrome (ACS), as well as of shape-memory metal medical devices for endovascular surgery. 
Death rate has increased among Russian people due to blood circulation-related diseases recent years. Besides, over the past 7 years a number of annually performed stent placement surgeries in patients with ACS has increased six-fold. However, in major (90%) cases, the stents of foreign manufacture (USA, Ireland, India, and China) have been used. According to experts, the coronary stent import substitution alone, without raising the amount of current budgetary financing, will allow total stent placement surgeries in Russia to be increased up to 1,600 surgeries per 1mln of population thus bringing the healed ACS stenosis proportion from 26% to 40-50% of all those in need. This will make it possible to obtain the desired rates according to the Order of the President of the Russian Federation on decreasing mortality to 649.4 thousand people (per 100 thousand people). 

Project leaders: 

  • Andrey Nikolaevich Kudryashov, Director General, Co-Owner of ANGIOLINE, JSC
  • Natalya Valeryevna Lebedeva, Co-Owner of ANGIOLINE, JSC

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