The Novosibirsk innovators for the first time in Russia will put aortal valves and stent-grafta in production

In the nearest future the resident of «Science and technology park» will bring two new developments to the market: transcatheter aortal valve and stent-graft. Thanks to them in Russia it will be possible to carry out even more cardiovascular operations, minimum traumatic for patients, using the Russian, not foreign equipment. Production and features of developments were shown to representatives of the Ministry of Industry and Trade by the director of the company of «Angioline» Andrey Kudryashov. The product portfolio of the organization includes more than 20 medical products for performance of a wide range of endovascular interventions on coronary arteries. Coronary stents of «Calypso» and «Sinus», balloon catheters of «Colubris», conduction catheters «Navigator» and diagnostic catheters «Loodsman» have a full production cycle in the territory of the Novosibirsk region. New products are created in close cooperation with the research center of the academician Meshalkin. Upon completion of tests in the range «Angioline» several products will appear at once. «When there is a prototype, it is simpler to work, of course, ― the director of «Angioline» Andrey Kudryashov told. ― However finally, everything needs to be made on conscience. Now the level of technologies is quite high, and it allows to experiment, create domestic analogs foreign developments». Replacement of the aortal valve ― the main method of treatment of narrowing of a gleam of the «native» valve when outflow of blood from a left ventricle of heart on all organism is at a loss. Stent-graft it is necessary for strengthening of the weakened vascular wall, preventing a rupture of aneurysm. The market value of the import transcatheter aortal valve is 1.5 million rubles, and the planned price in «Angioline» ― approximately is twice less. Together with it the current production capacities of the company are capable to satisfy 50% of need of the market of the Russian Federation for coronary stents. Each hour in hundreds of clinics through the whole country is implanted about five stents of «Angioline». The company adjusted export to the CIS countries, the Republic of Vietnam. The quality of products is confirmed by numerous certificates in the international ISO standards. In plans of the company ― obtaining the SE brand and entry into the European markets. «It is pleasant to us that, having seized all opportunities of the innovation elevator, your company passed a way from residents of Science and technology park to the company with a turnover of 1.5 billion, ― the minister of the industry, trade and development of business of the region Andrey Goncharov noticed at a meeting. ― But, despite your progress, we are still ready to render you assistance, especially in the state measures of support». In 2016 the company became the flagman draft of the Program of reindustrialization of economy of the Novosibirsk region till 2025. At the moment more than 140 thousand stents of the company are successfully implanted in 63 regions of the Russian Federation. By 2020 employees will complete two years construction and equipment of the new research and production center in Biotekhnoparka of the science city of Koltsovo. There will develop production of new innovation medical products for treatment of cardiovascular diseases that will allow to increase production capacities more than twice. Photos of products are provided by the «Angioline» company.

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